Run A Tight Ship...

From A Cruise Ship.

Run an Entire Installation Team from Anywhere in the World.

This is not a generic Outlook scheduler. SureFire ISS is designed by Window and Door Experts that understand the complexities of scheduling window and door installations.

SureFire ISS will ease that pain with features like:

  • Purchasing Integration (know when the products are arriving, and when there is a change)
  • Installer Pay Reports
  • Quality Control Debriefs
  • Job Notes, Service and Return Trips
  • Alert Installers via Text or Email about schedule changes or new work
  • Leverage the communication tools (cell phones, email, etc.) that you already use

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The best way to find out how SureFire ISS can change your life is to see it live. We offer one-on-one customized demos where you can see ISS in action. Click on the link below to get started.

One Click From Your Manufacturer's PDF Quote To Your Customer!

SureFire ISS (Installation, Sales, Service) imports any manufacturer's quote into your custom-branded ordering, installation and service platform.


  • Automatically Calculates Installation Labor & Supplies
  • Automatically Adds Markups
  • Fully Integrated Installation & Service Scheduling
  • Coordinates Material Delivery with Installation
  • Real-Time Communication Between Ordering, Delivery, Installation, and Billing 
  • 100% Accuracy in a Fraction of the Time 
  • Frees up resources and increases efficiency



Automatic Installation Calculations for Labor and Supplies. Schedule Your Installers based on Real Purchasing Data, and Pay them Based on Quality Control Debriefs.

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Import a Manufacturer's Quote With a Click, and Print out a Branded Order Acknowledgement for Your Customer complete with Markups, Installation Labor, and Supplies.

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Schedule Follow-Up Service Automatically from the Installation Quality Control Debrief, and Link Back to the Original Order and Line. Order history lasts forever - Schedule a Balancer Service a Year later, and Reference the actual Window!

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How It Works?

SureFire ISS will Change your Life.

Schedule Installations Based on When the Products are Arriving.


Automatically Notify your Installers When and Where to Be with a Simple Text Message.